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Faceted gemstones add brilliance to any creative design. Shop our faceted gems in range of shapes, sizes and materials—from amethyst to tourmaline.

Faceted Gemstones by Color

Quickly and easily find the amethyst, emerald or ruby you need to complete a custom project among our faceted gemstone selections. You can filter your search by gemstone type, size, shape or color family to save time. Whether you’re hunting for red beads beyond rubies, blue elements that aren’t sapphires or multicolored faceted gemstones for a rainbow of possibilities, you’ll be delighted with the options in our inventory.

Birthstones and Gemstone Sets

Looking for jewelry gifts that convey more than just dazzling beauty? Consider gemstone meanings that align with the recipient’s values or choose birthstones that represent the month in which they celebrate. We carry all the faceted gemstone choices for birthdays, from garnet (January) through blue topaz (December). Mixed assortments of faceted gems are great to have on hand for spur-of-the-moment inspiration.

Settings, Inspirational Resources and More for Faceted Gemstone Jewelry

Set yourself up for brilliant success with the faceted gem settings, tools and accessories in our inventory. We carry sterling silver Sure-Set mountings, 14-karat gold-filled Snap-Tite ear studs, vermeil Bezellite settings and more. Check out our video tutorials and other inspirational resources, then level up your creative designs with our volume-discounted gems, beads and jewelry-making supplies.